Security services, police, emergency responders, firefighters, military, and other agencies responsible for people and property safety, must always be prepared. Work often takes place under very challenging conditions, with employees exposed to stress and other negative influences. The application helps ensure a balanced work schedule for employees, making demanding work conditions at least somewhat easier, while simplifying compliance with regulations and norms for managers.

Highlighted features and characteristics of the solution

Effortless Schedule Input

Thanks to its intuitive interface, inputting employee schedules is a breeze. The application offers a plethora of tools that simplify the creation of a fair and balanced schedule and help you stay on top of your staffing needs.

Employee Requests and Preferences

Employees can submit requests for vacation time, specific shifts, or days off. These requests are displayed to managers in a clear format when creating the schedule, making it easy for them to approve or deny the request based on current work needs and worker availability.

Schedule Compliance Checks

As the schedule is being created, any possible violations of labor laws and regulations are clearly highlighted. This ensures that employees are provided with the minimum required daily rest, do not surpass the weekly working hour quota, and that all other norms from collective agreements and internal rules are taken into account.

Automatic Schedule Generation

The application is capable of generating a compliant and balanced schedule for all employees in a specific department automatically! The department head needs only to specify the staffing needs for each shift, approve or input employee requests, and the program will then automatically generate an optimal schedule for any desired time period.

Attendance Tracking

Employees can easily record their arrivals and departures using an advanced registration terminal, mobile phone, or computer. In addition, employees have access to the schedule and other relevant information via the terminal and web portal.

Calculation of salary supplements

The intricacy of working conditions necessitates various salary supplements that are determined based on the detailed timing of work. With the application, all salary supplements are calculated fully automatically, which saves time from manual counting of hours. Furthermore, the calculation is accurate and follows the same rules for all employees, preventing errors in payroll.