Effective time and attendance management is heavily dependent on other information systems within an organization. Integrating these systems helps eliminate the risk of manual data entry errors, duplicate entries, and data inconsistencies. Moreover, it allows for better utilization of past investments in software and hardware. Our integrations include registration and access control systems, accounting and ERP applications, user directories, and HR applications.

Existing registration and access control systems

If the customer already has an existing time and attendance registration system and wishes to keep it, we can transfer data on arrivals and departures to in real-time. The data is then available to users for further processing and payroll calculation. We have integrations with all major providers of time and attendance registration systems in our market. If the customer only has an access control system, we enable the use of the same identification cards on our registration terminals as well.

Accounting Software

We enable the export of payroll data for further processing in all accounting software available on our market. We customize payroll categories and exports to match the configuration of the accounting software used by the client. Payroll data is thus prepared with a few clicks, and the possibility of errors in data entry is eliminated.

User Directories and HR Records

Integrating the application with user directories allows employees to use their existing usernames and passwords to log in to the application. This eliminates the need for an additional password, making it easier to use and enhancing security against possible breaches. Central management of password policy for application access at the organization level ensures that the application is secure.

We also enable the synchronization of employee data from user directories and external HR record-keeping systems (HRM). This ensures that the data in is always up-to-date and synchronized.