How it works? is a web application for scheduling, attendance tracking and payroll automation. You can use it on a personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone.


Quickly and efficiently enter work schedules with the help of an intuitive tabular interface, or let the program automatically generate a balanced and harmonious schedule!

Effortless Schedule Input
Tools for Scheduling Assistance
Schedule Compliance Checks
Employee Requests and Preferences
Shift Swaps
Staff Notifications
Automatic Schedule Generation

Attendance Tracking

Record employee attendance using an identification card and terminal, or via a mobile phone and computer.

Registration with cards and terminals
Registration with mobile phone or computer
Attendance rules
Info point

Payroll automation

Easily calculate salaries for all employees with just a few clicks, taking into account all salary supplements based on the actual schedule and recorded attendance.

Calculation of hourly rates
Calculation of salary supplements
Review and verification of salary supplements
Export into accounting software


Create detailed analyses at the level of individual employees, departments, or the entire organization, which can help you improve work processes!

Shift allocation statistics
Overtime and absences by departments
Distribution of salary supplements among employees and departments.