Frequently asked questions

Are you considering implementing the application in your organization, but are unsure if it's the best fit for you? Look no further! Here, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is a free trial of the application available?

We offer a multi-month trial period during which we will properly set up the application for your company or organization. If you are not satisfied with the application after the trial period, we will refund the full trial amount. More information about the application trial is available here.

What does the monthly subscription for the application include?

The monthly subscription provides access to the web application and registration terminals without any additional hidden costs. The entire application runs on our cloud servers, so there is no need for additional hardware or software. The monthly subscription includes maintenance and free user support, and you will always have access to the latest version of the application.

What is the monthly cost of using the application?

The total cost starts at approximately €2 per employee per month, depending on the size of the organization, advanced functionality, and any integrations used by the customer. More information about prices is available in the Pricing section.

Is the application suitable for small and micro companies (1-50 employees)?

We can easily set up the application for smaller teams, which can streamline and manage their working time. However, in this case, the cost of the application per employee increases slightly, as the subscription includes licenses for a minimum of 50 employees.

Can we install the application on our own server since we have our own server infrastructure?

We also allow installation of the application on your own server. We take care of the installation and maintenance of the complete software on the server. For more information on when it makes sense to install on your own servers, click here.

We already have time attendance software installed. Can we just use the application for scheduling?

You can use the application solely for scheduling, without the registration terminal. We also allow integration with external registration systems, so arrivals and departures are visible in the schedule, and registration data is available for payroll processing.

Do the registration cards also enable access control (opening doors, etc)?

We enable access control with identification cards for registration in cooperation with an external partner specialized in this field. We also allow integrations with existing access control systems.