Application Trial

We offer a 6-month trial period during which we will set up the application, provide user training, and carry out necessary integrations. If, at the end of the trial period, you decide that the application is not suitable for your organization, we will refund the full amount you invested in the trial.

How is the duration and scope of the trial determined?

We determine the entire duration and scope (departments, employees, and users participating in the trial) in collaboration with you. The application trial is usually carried out in a few selected departments that are representative of the entire organization. This reduces costs and the impact of the trial, while still providing valuable feedback on the suitability of the application. The duration of the trial is determined on a case-by-case basis; usually, the main benefits of using the application are demonstrated within 1-2 months of use. However, if additional adjustments or integrations are necessary, the trial period can be extended up to 6 months.

We already have an existing system for registering working hours. Will participants in the test need to record their hours twice?

The method of registering working hours during the trial period depends on the functionalities that you want to test. If your main focus is on creating work schedules, notifying employees of schedules, and requesting vacation time, then registering working hours within the trial is not necessary. However, if your main concern is calculating working hours, then registration data is crucial and can be obtained in several ways during the trial:

  • through online registration of working hours,
  • through integration with the existing system for registering working hours,
  • through parallel installation of our registration terminal.

We will work with you to determine the most appropriate method of registration that will have the least impact on the work process while also enabling an effective trial of the application.

What are the costs of the trial?

The costs of the trial depend on the number of employees participating in the trial, integrations, and other services provided. Approximate prices are listed in the Pricing section, and the exact amount of implementation and subscription is determined in the subscription agreement for the trial period.

If at any time during the trial period you decide that the application is not suitable for your organization, we will immediately refund the full amount you invested in the trial, without unnecessary formalities. The procedure is transparently defined in the subscription agreement.

Can I test the application for free?

For a successful and representative test, the application needs to be properly configured and adapted to the needs of your organization. Therefore, a trial subscription agreement is required for testing, which specifies the costs associated with testing the application (configuration, training). If you decide not to implement the application after the trial period, the test will be free, as we will refund the full amount.

Entering into a subscription agreement represents a certain guarantee that the implementation of the application in your organization is properly aligned between the individual departments and management, which is a key prerequisite for a successful test and further use of the application. Otherwise, it may happen that the participants in the test are enthusiastic about the application, but its further implementation is not possible for third-party reasons (e.g. the organization does not have planned appropriate resources, the IT department only allows software from a certain provider, etc.).

We are always available for a free and detailed live demonstration, where you will receive all the necessary information! This way, you will be able to make a more informed decision about a possible trial and implementation of the application.

What happens after the trial period ends?

At any time during the trial period, you can decide that the application is not suitable for you, and we will refund the full amount you invested.

If you find the application suitable, you can implement it for the entire organization before the end of the trial period. In this case, we will conclude a new subscription agreement at a pre-agreed price. The configuration and integrations from the trial period are already included in the implementation price.

You can also postpone the implementation of the application indefinitely. You can continue to use the application to the same extent as during the trial period, for the same monthly subscription fee, and later proceed with the implementation of the application in other departments.