The cost of using the application is split into two parts: an initial startup fee and a monthly subscription fee for ongoing use. The startup fee covers configuration, consultation, and user training. The monthly subscription fee covers the use of the web application and includes user support, as well as all application upgrades and fixes, so there are no additional hidden costs.

The estimated monthly subscription fee for the basic features starts from 2 € per employee.

The monthly subscription fee varies based on the functionalities used by the client, the complexity of the work process, and the number of employees. For basic functionalities (manual scheduling, tracking, and calculation) in relatively simple work processes, the approximate cost is 2 € per employee per month. For more advanced functionalities (such as automatic scheduling) and for more complex work processes, the subscription fee is largely dependent on the client's detailed needs and requirements and is determined based on customer demand.

Similarly, the startup cost is also estimated based on the client's needs, mainly the number of employees, departments, complexity of the work process, and other factors affecting the work associated with configuring the application and training users.

With a clear offer that defines the initial and monthly cost of using the application, it is easy to assess the economic feasibility of using in your organization.