Employee scheduling. Time & attendance. Payroll automation.

How it works?

shiftplan.io is a web application for employee scheduling, time & attendance and payroll automation.

Shift scheduling

Intuitive scheduling interface enables you to plan shifts quickly and efficiently.

Just select cells in a table of employees and assign appropriate shift, similarly as if you were filling out an Excel spreadsheet.

Worked hours are summarized for each employee. Warning are displayed automatically when employee schedule does not comply with labour laws and company policies.

Employees send requests for days off and specific shifts using personal portal or time clock terminal. Requests are displayed in scheduling calendar so that manager can take employee wishes into account when planning shifts.

Employees are automatically notified of shift plan via e-mail / SMS, personal portal and time clock terminal.

Time & attendance

Employees can clock in and out at work using contactless cards and smart time clock terminal or using personal employee portal.

Attendance rules can be customized to accomodate different attendance policies (fixed time, flexi time, paid lunch breaks, etc).

Time clock automatically notifies employees when attendance policy is being violated or attendance registration does not comply with employee's shift plan.

Upon clock in and clock out, employee is notified of any shift changes. Requests for days off, anual leave and specific shifts can also be filled using time clock terminal.

Payroll automation

Payroll can be completly automated using scheduled shift plan and employee check in / check out events.

Shift differentials can be set for evening and night shifts as well as for unfavourable work places.

Rules for overtime pay are highly configurable. Upon manager confirmation, overtime pay is automatically calculated from attendance data. Additional bonuses can also be configured, e.g. bonus for working on sundays and holidays.

Customizable exports of payrole are provided for all major accounting software solutions.

Analysis and reports

shiftplan.io provides a detailed analysis of schedules, summarized for individual employee or department.

Easily check whether employees worked proportionate share of night shiftw and less popular positions. Use the report when creating schedule for the next period.

Summaries by department provide insight into possible issues, e.g. understaffed departments, excessive overtime work, as well as unauthorized absence.

Who is it for?

shiftplan.io is especially suited for complex workplaces with following characteristics:

Shift-based workplace

Work needs to be done on different locations on different schedules.

Dynamic shift plans

Shift plan adapts to current workforce requirements and unplanned absence of co-workers.

Legislative and internal policies on shift plan.

Shift plan must comply with multiple legislative and internal rules.

Complex payroll

Payroll depends on actual shift plan, having shift differentials, various bonuses and overtime pay.

Our customers

We have a strong presence on local market in our home-country of Slovenia, managing workforce at more than 100 companies and organizations from the healthcare, manufacturing, security and turism sectors.

Having small and local user-base enabled us to improve and refine shiftplan.io at fast pace, quickly converging to optimal user experience for our customers.

shiftplan.io is now ready to go global!

We are looking for partners!

Would you like to offer your customers state-of-the-art workforce management solution?

Managing complex workplaces requires a reliable and expert local partner with a good knowledge of customer needs! We are looking for partners (software resellers and cloud service providers) with strong presence in healthcare, manufacturing, security and turism sectors.

Get in touch! Drop us an email at partners@groma.si.


shiftplan.io adapts to customer workflows and not the other way around.


shiftplan.io allows for detailed configuration of work processes, which enables us to adapt the solution to established practices and workflows within your organization.

Customer support

In the process of installation, we help you with application configuration and user training. Afterwards, we are allways there for you for guidance and help.


shiftplan.io can be integrated with existing software solutions, including LDAP service, access control systems, workforce and accounting software.


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Additional info is available in slovenian language at www.plandela.si

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